Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thistle & Clover, over and over

I love boutiques and tend to shop at them regularly for day to day clothes, but whenever I need to find a dress I somehow suddenly forget they exist. As mentioned the other day I've come to the point where all my department store options are worn out (haha), so last night I checked Refinery29 for some very helpful suggestions and headed out this morning to a couple nearby Brooklyn shops and of course instantly found a million dresses I was in love with. I came close to buying a goooorgeous hand-dyed mustard yellow Mina Stone at Stuart & Wright, but in the end settled on this classic navy blue one at Thistle & Clover, more simple but the fit is much better and fit wins over print. Either way, lesson learned...local businesses are always the way to go.

Also, these came in the mail from my sister today along with 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from my mom. I have suspicions they're trying to fatten me up before I see them at the beach this summer.


  1. That dress is so gorgeous. I love it! The color is perfect. Refinery 29 has great fashion tips, I love them. LOL at your mom and sister trying to "fatten you up".

  2. So cute! I swear my family does the same thing haha