Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love and wolves and eyes dadada

Saturday night Aly and I went to go see Josh Ritter at Terminal 5. We attempted a few pictures, but they all ended with being blinded by the flash and my camera died before the actual concert started, so our "close eyes and open right before" failed plan will just have to do. I saw JR in Atlanta last May only knowing one of his songs ahead of time and had a blast. He has such a happy summer music air about him, writes great lyrics and likes to play the harmonica every now and then, which are really the only pre-requistes for being a favorite in my book. It's just what I needed to get rid of my winter blues. The highlight of the night was in the middle of the concert when the lights all went to a giant disco ball on the ceiling and the crowd had one massive slow dance. Aly and I had a very romantic three-way dance with a dashing man whose boyfriend temporarily abandoned him for someone else. Also, Rainn Wilson (and John Krasinski...who came on stage right after my camera died) decided to show up. 

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