Friday, February 4, 2011

This is the new year, a new beginning, you made a promise, you are the brightest

Apparently I am incapable of taking pictures on Fridays. Probably because it's the day of the week that's usually reserved for the boyfriend and I just feel so bad making him take a picture when he can't even change out of scrubs and take his shoes off before sprawling on the futon for the night. But, for those wondering, we watched Avatar. I fell asleep an hour was an exciting night. This picture though is one that would have been included if I had actually started on January 1 and I like it way too much to not share. It was taken at one of my favorite bars in Williamsburg, exactly at midnight with champagne pouring all over us and All You Need Is Love playing in the background. Even with absent boyfriends for two of us (and no non-hipster kissing options for the single roommate and visiting friend) it was agreed all-around as being the most perfect way to ring in 2011.

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