Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do innkeeper's wives have naturally curly hair?

Every year since I was 15 my family has spent Christmas in a little town in Vermont called Warren. It's straight up storybook. Typically I go to my favorite bookstore in the whole wide world immediately and then spend the next five days in front of the fire eating tons and reading tons (with disastrous attempts at skiing thrown in here and there) all while having this as my backdrop: 
It's always one of the highlights of my year and naturally the rest of the winter is a bit of a downward spiral afterwards.  On my walk home from Saturday night's festivities (i.e. gnocchi and Sex and the City with Aly) I came across this lately discarded Christmas tree. I feel like it's owners must have similar feelings to me and were trying to hold on to the charming part of winter just a little bit longer, however the sad fact of the matter is that still having a tree up in February is weird and usually just interpreted as lazy.

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