Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She said Father can I tell your congregation how a resurrection really feels?

 Up until a few years ago I thought it was a normal childhood activity to go to a graveyard every once in a while to feed the ducks and look at old tombstones. Now I know though that apparently that was just an odd my family thing. Regardless, I still find them to be relaxing and pretty...kind of like a park. Not that I go and spend afternoons in graveyards, but when I happen to pass a nice one, I appreciate it. The same goes for creepy old churches. Once again, I would never want to wander around inside of one after dark, but viewed in passing from the outside, I like them. Brooklyn is quite the hub for things like this, but my favorite of them all is this one, which I pass on Lafayette whenever I walk home from visiting Aly. Night time pictures don't do it justice at all, but just know that it's massive, beautiful and 100% looks like Hogwarts.

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