Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woodley, Bunny, & Hornby

I've been avoiding getting my hair cut in New York for quite some time now. Obviously there are a variety of options that are much, much better than most places in Atlanta, but I was horribly attached to my previous hair lady (Jessica Dorman at Dada...go see her!) and was having trouble coming to terms with finding someone new. I finally sucked it up though and made an appointment with Tommy at Woodley & Bunny and loved him! My hair is perfectly layered and my bangs are just the way I like he was super nice and the salon is cute and conveniently located. 
 Something I've yet to completely master in NY is timing my arrival to things with the subway. I'm always either 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late. The later applied to this situation, so along with snapping pictures while the desk lady wasn't looking *, I took a break from my current novel and read Nick Hornby's collection of essays from The Believer in which he discusses the books he buys every month and the books he actually reads. I've gotten some very good suggestions (I can't wait to read Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc), but in general I just enjoy his writing style and it was a nice break from Augie's interesting, but seemingly plotless life. 

*I always think it's a little odd and uncomfortable when people take pictures in non-normal picture taking circumstances. I suppose quickly taking pictures while someone isn't looking is a little odd too, but whatever, I don't think she caught on and I had time to kill while waiting. 

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