Thursday, March 10, 2011

NYC to Chicago

One of my very favorite cities to visit is Chicago. My grandmother (Sue Sue), Aunt Debbie, Uncle Raul, and cousin Pilar all live there and I always eat a ton, shop a ton, and have a wonderful time whenever I go. This trip my mom and other grandmother (Aunt Jan...she was "too young" to be a grandmother when I was born) came as well with the purpose of helping Sue Sue clean out her closet. I chose to read while the majority of the cleaning was going on...Augie is testing my patience these days, page 300 and still nothing monumental, clearly it's going to be that type of book, but Bellow's writing style really is great.  
Before the cleaning began though, Jan, my mother, and I all met up at the airport and took a cab to meet Sue Sue and Pilar at Joe's, which was delicious and had a surprising amount of veggie options for a seafood and steak place. After eating we went straight to Sue Sue's condo, which has the absolute best view of Lake Michigan, and spent the rest of the night lounging around in food comas. 
My mom's new grey hair.
Sue Sue's cat, Bubie (sp?), lounged with us too. Side note: I have never been and will never be a cat person, but this one is pretty ok.

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