Friday, March 25, 2011

The sweet part of the city

Whenever I go out in Brooklyn I tend to migrate to one of two locations: either Ft. Green, which is a twenty minute or so walk from my apartment or I take the G (ugh) a few stops to Williamsburg. This particular Friday called for Williamsburg, specifically Alligator Lounge, one of our go-to bars given that you get a free mini pizza with every drink and there's a bearded bartender who will do pirouettes if you ask nicely. Afterwards, we ventured to Velvet Lounge which supposedly has a jazz band on Friday nights. It turned out to be completely empty with no jazz band, but we got girly cocktails (with the exception of the only male who got the very manly and serious Brooklyn) and the friendly Australian bartender put jazz on the speakers for us. A halfway success.

Nina's espresso martini and my Palm Beach:

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