Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"She's a Southern girl without a drawl, she's a good girl who wears black bras"

When I was first planning on moving to New York and was considering job options I nixed out the idea of nannying pretty quickly. I had been babysitting/nannying/camp counseling since the 8th grade and although I enjoyed it, I was ready for something new. Now that I've been away from it for a while though I've decided that I miss it (and the significantly better pay), so I've recently started babysitting a bit on the side again. This morning I watched the happiest little 2 month old girl named Penelope in the Upper West Side. Given Penelope's age, our list of activities was limited and naps and feedings were in excess, so I got to enjoy sitting down and mindlessly watching cable for the first time in months. Naturally, I chose Kathy Lee and Hoda. I've had Christina Perri's recent hit "Jar of Hearts" stuck in my head non-stop this week, maybe because it plays at the store or maybe because somehow in-between 21 and 22 I might have discovered that emotionally raw female singer/songwriters hold an unusual soft spot with me. Interpret my newfound taste how you will, but I like to view my feelings as meaning I have varied and non-judgemental taste in music. I also have recently acquired a taste for alt-country. Once again, varied and non-judgemental. ANYWAY, Christina Perri preformed on the show this morning and it made me like her even more:

Not the Today show performance, but you get the idea. 

Also. my current favorite alt-country song, "Blue Eyes" by Middle Brother. I may or may not like to pretend it's written about me:

Sidenote: the guy popping up in the middle literally made me laugh out loud.

And while I'm at it, "Marathon" by Tennis is going to be my song for the summer...I can feel it:

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