Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Disposition

Due to working this Sunday I had today off. Conveniently, Nina's mom (Jill) and Jill's friend Eileen happened to be coming into town today from Atlanta for a trade show where they will be promoting a children's book Eileen wrote and Jill illustrated. We spent the morning brunching next door at Colador and walking around the neighborhood/Pratt's campus (Jill and Nina both went there). It was an unexpectedly lovely and hilarious morning, which will unfortunately be followed by a night of laundry:

A little blurry Jill, Nina and me at Colador

The straight out of a horror movie neighborhood nunnery, where nuns have never actually been spotted

Tree-huggers on Pratt's campus

Outside Pratt's library, which I'm now obsessed with. See further pictures for reasons why

Inside of library. Tiffany glass floors and gorgeous bookshelves. Apparently no one actually studies there...students just go to draw it.

Glass floor


Glass stairs

More campus art, plus Nina and me

and a confused photographer 

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