Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me I'm up at Bed-Stuy home of that boy Biggie

Since August my mother has been asking me daily to send her pictures of my apartment. Unless you're like her and have been dying to critique my decorating and cleanliness this will probably be boring.
The kitchen. Note the 2 sinks for when I inevitably becomes Jewish. I also just got a food processor that I haven't felt the need to take out of the box yet.

Entrance to Nina's room

Left half of the living room

Significantly plainer right side of the living room. There's a Great Gatsby poster on it's way via the little sister for over the futon and a floor lamp will probably appear eventually. 

Entrance to my room. I'm kind of obsessed with it minus the paint splatters on the glass


Dresser and pictures that look much less crooked in person

Some expertly hemmed door curtains. The door to the right leads to Nina's room for in case I can't walk around the corner. Note the creepy spying windows too.

My closet. It's pathetic. I miss every closet I've ever had before.

Bathroom. And yes in case you were wondering that is the same shower curtain owned by Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family. 


  1. The place looks awesome. It's a million times bigger than I anticipated (that's what she said...?).

    Congrats, Lovie. You're the shit for making that happen. I hope to join you one day (at least, before I'm 30). xoxo