Sunday, January 30, 2011


For those of you that I haven't talked your ear off to about my life goals, my original plan for moving to New York was to get a job in retail for a year while I worked on applying to grad schools for the fall. I've since decided on waiting an extra year before starting my MSW to get some good volunteer experience outside of what I did in college. I'm starting to volunteer with an after-school program at Girls Inc. this Friday and cannot wait! In the meantime though I spend most of my days at The Track and Field Store selling athletic wear to Upper East Side housewives. Normally at least three people work together, but today it was just Bryant and me. We spent our massive amount of quality time together doing such productive things as analyzing Kanye West lyrics, discussing how much more intimidating Bryant looks while wearing Oakleys, and admiring our view of Central Park.
Oh and Bryant's also a pretty awesome coach and trainer...check out his blog

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